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SIIA Producing smart & sustainable food

May 2021

Strategic Innovation Investment Agenda

Producing smart
& sustainable food

We want to invest particularly in producing smart and sustainable food and we are looking for partners to do so. In this document, we show where our focuses lie. Then, together with you, we would like to discuss which programmes contribute most to economic growth and a sustainable future.

Christianne van der Wal
Provincial Executive member for Economy

Gert Harm ten Bolscher
Provincial Executive Agriculture Overijssel

Wendy de Jong
Managing Director of Oost NL

The sustainable production of healthy and affordable food is one of the biggest challenges facing our society. The world's population is growing and the urgency of climate objectives requires drastic changes. New production methods are needed to meet the challenges and to provide smart solutions. The need for a more circular food system that takes biodiversity into account is clear.

Traditionally, the East Netherlands has been strong in developing innovative solutions and testing them in practice. The region has a strong and broad primary sector and our knowledge institutions and agri-food technology companies are able to come up with integrated solutions for sustainable food production, worldwide. The region is also one of the frontrunners in the field of protein transition.

Investing in knowledge and innovation is crucial for the sustainable recovery of our economy.
The corona pandemic strengthens the need for short(er) food chains in Europe and more transparency, and a different view on the use of labour in the agricultural industry. Digitalisation and robotisation can play an important role in this.

Our motivation

These Strategic Innovation Investment Agendas East Netherlands are an initiative that is partly the result of the cooperation with the partners within Th!Nk East Netherlands and the regional Economic Boards.

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